Bob's Bio


92.7 BOB-FM is a radio station…“Bob” is a man!  Bob is a native of the Wabash Valley and enjoys music more than you will ever know.  Bob has an extensive collection of music on full length albums, cassettes, cds and of course his IPod that he wants everyone to hear.  Bob is unconventional in his approach to music so you will always hear an incredible variety of music when listening to 92.7 BOB-FM.

Bob is not your average run-of-the-mill guy and neither is BOB-FM!  Bob wants to share his station with those who enjoy “Hit Music” without all of the repetition.  Bob is the type of guy that everyone will want to be his friend so don’t hesitate going to Facebook and clicking “Like” on his page!  Well even if you don’t want to be his friend like him on Facebook just to make him feel good about what he’s doing.

The more you listen to 92.7 BOB-FM the more you will understand the “Man” behind the music. 

BOB's Concert Calendar